Business Administration Major


Major Requirements

40 credits

Quantitative Prerequisites (3 credits for the major)

ECN-200Principles of Economics

3 credits

One course MAT-125 or higher

3-4 credits

The credits for the math requirement (MAT-125 or higher) are counted in the Professional Foundations minor.

Accounting Courses (6 credits)

ACC-221Financial Accounting

3 credits

ACC-222Managerial Accounting

3 credits

Business Core (20 credits)

BUS-100Introduction to Business

3 credits


BUS-101Introduction to Sport Administration

3 credits


BUS-150Business Computer Applications

3 credits

BUS-225Principles of Management

3 credits

BUS-330Principles of Finance

3 credits

BUS-360Principles of Marketing

3 credits

BUS-391Business Law

3 credits


1-6 credits

Two credits of internship are required.

In exceptional cases, BUS-494 may substitute for INT-497 Internship (with department permission).

Quantitative Course (3 credits)

Complete one course.

BUS-350Management Science

3 credits

BUS-438Financial Problems

3 credits

BUS-453Principles of Productions and Operations Mgmt

3 credits

Electives (6 credits)

Complete six credits of any ACC or BUS course at the 200, 300, or 400 level.

Business and Accounting Capstone (2 credits)

BUS-493Business and Accounting Capstone: Sr Seminar

2 credits

It is recommended to take the internship during the junior year.  Take BUS-493 in the senior year.

Students may not earn both the Business Administration major and the Accounting major.


Upon successful completion of this major, students will be able to:

1)  Demonstrate an understanding of general business theories and principles;

2)  Analyze and reason independently, and ethically appropriate to given business/organizational situations;

3)  Demonstrate effective communication skills through written, interpersonal, or team activities; and

4)  Carry out analytical problem solving through the use of appropriate business-oriented resources for decision making in the organizational context.