Cost of Attendance (COA)

For full-time undergraduate students, 2024-25 tuition is $18,375 per semester or $36,750 per year. With additional fees and expenses, the total cost of attendance for an incoming freshman is estimated to be $54,387 per year.

 Academic Year 2024-25



Tuition $36,750
New Student Experience Fee — Incoming Freshman $370
New Student Experience Fee — Transfer Student $315

Food and Housing
**Subject to Change

Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $1,200
Personal and Miscellaneous $1,500
Transportation Allowance $750
Loan Fees  $70
Total Cost of Education — Incoming Freshman $54,387
Total Cost of Education — Transfer Student $54,332


  • Overload charges of $500 per credit apply for each credit over 18 credits in fall term, over 5 credits in winter term, and over 18 credits in spring term.
  • The New Student Experience Fee is a one-time charge applied to your first semester enrolled and helps cover the costs of our unique orientation and First-Year Experience programs.
  • Fees include an Academic Service Fee of $75 and the Associated Students of The College of Idaho (ASCI) Student Fee of $375.
  • Food and Housing is based on an average room rate of $5,932 and Meal Plan B at $6,805. An additional $285 is included to cover the requirement of 21 meals per week as stipulated by Section 472(c) of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
  • Total Cost of Education does not include course-specific fees or student health insurance (waived with proof of existing coverage).
  • Enrollment Deposit

    To secure a place in the incoming class, a non-refundable $300 enrollment deposit is required of all admitted students who plan to attend The College of Idaho. The enrollment deposit is applied to the student's bill. This deposit is due by May 1 or thereafter as determined by the Vice President of Enrollment or designee. Campus housing requests and course registration priorities are processed after receipt of the enrollment deposit and are based on deposit date.

    Please note: International students’ I-20 review process will not take place until the enrollment deposit has been received.


     Percentage of Refund

    Based on Date of Withdrawal


    On or Before
    Last Day to Drop
    Semester Courses 

    On or Before
    Last Day to Drop
    with a Refund 

    Last Day to Drop
    with a Refund

    Tuition  100% 50%  ---
    Student Fees 100% ---  ---
    Class Fees 100% --- ---
    Housing  Prorated  Prorated  ---
    Meal Plans  Prorated  Prorated Prorated
    Insurance 100% --- ---


    Course Fees

    Some classes require additional fees for equipment or materials. Please consult the course schedule in Self Service for details.

    Course fees are not refundable after the last day to drop courses. See Institutional Refund Policy.

    2024-25 Fees


    Art Fee Cost Varies
    Citi Ethics Fee $30.00
    Health and Human Performance Activities Fee
    Cost Varies
    Math Software $55.00
    Outdoor Program Fee Cost Varies
    Private Music Lesson Fee

    One-half credit, instrument or voice (one 1/2-hour lesson weekly)


    One credit, instrument or voice (one 1-hour lesson weekly)

    Psychology Research Fee $55.00
    Science Lab Fee (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies,
                 Exercise Science, Geology, Physics)
    Theatre Fee $95.00

    Student Fees

    Student fees are non-refundable after the last day to drop semester courses.

    2024-25 Fees

     Per Term

    Per Year

    Academic Service Fee $37.50 $75.00
    ASCI Student Fees* 
      $187.50 $375.00
    Health Service Fee $50.00 $100.00
    Monthly Payment Plan Enrollment Fee
               Annual Plan   $80.00
               Term Plan $55.00
    Residence Hall / Village Apartments Programming Fee   $30.00 $60.00
    Technology Fee $87.50 $175.00

    Payable at first semester billing:

    New Student Experience Fee – First-Year Student (one-time)
    New Student Experience Fee – Transfer Student (one-time)   $315.00
    Student Health Insurance (per year)   $2,761.00
              Athlete Early Coverage (August 1-14)    $106.00
              Spring Term Only    $1711.00
    International Student Fee (per year)
    General Parking Fee (per year)
    *  *  *  *  * 
    Returned Check Fee (per occurrence)   $35.00

    *ASCI (C of I Student Senate) determines fee annually.

    Food and Housing

    Campus Housing

    The College of Idaho offers on-campus housing to all full-time students who are under 26 years old. Part-time students and students who are 26 years old and older may live on campus as appropriate space permits. All full-time students who are not yet 21, unmarried, and without dependent children are required to live in campus housing for six semesters. For more information about this policy and about Residence Life in general, as well as a description of the housing options listed below, please visit the Residence Life page on the College website.

    The rates listed below are per person.

    Single Rooms 

    Cost per Term 

    Cost per Year

     Anderson Hall   $3,000.00       $6,000.00       
     Simplot and Hayman Hall  $3,465.00        $6,930.00      

     Double and Closet Single Rooms 

     Anderson Hall $2,012.50        $4,025.00      
     Simplot and Hayman Hall $2,812.50        $5,625.00      
     Voorhees Hall  $3,112.50        $6,225.00      

     Triple Rooms

     Simplot and Hayman Hall $2,250.00       $4,500.00      

     Suite-Style Rooms

     Single room in a suite
     (Finney, Sawtooth, Owyhee)
    $3,650.00        $7,300.00     
     Sawtooth and Owyhee doubles $3,112.50       $6,225.00     

     Village Apartments

     Village 4-Bedroom Room (single) $3,832.50       $7,665.00     
     Village 2-Bedroom Room (single) $3,832.50       $7,665.00     
     Village 2-Bedroom Room (double) $3,332.50       $6,665.00     

    Rental Houses 

     Rental House Single Room  $3,675.00       $7,350.00     
     Rental House Double Room $3,332.50        $6,650.00     


    Meal Plans

    For the health of our students, to encourage community involvement, and for other reasons, The College of Idaho expects that all full-time students participate in a meal plan. First-year students and sophomores living on campus are required to purchase Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, or Plan D. Juniors and seniors who live on campus may purchase Plans A-D or the Commuter Plan.  First-year students and sophomores who live off campus may also purchase the Commuter Plan.

    A student may add Coyote Cash onto their meal plan and upgrade to a larger meal plan at any point in the year. Meal Plans A, B, C, or D can be downgraded only during the first week of fall and winter semesters. If a student wishes to change their meal plan after the first week, or is approved by the Non-Academic Petition Committee to change their meal plan after the first week, that change will not take effect until the following semester.

    Prices include Idaho sales tax of 6.00%.

    2024-25 Meal Charges

    Meal Plan





    Plan A

    19 meals/wk

    19 meals/wk



    Plan B

    14 meals/wk

    14 meals/wk



    Plan C

    10 meals/wk

    10 meals/wk



    Plan D

    7 meals/wk

    7 meals/wk



    Commuter Plan




    Meal Plan Descriptions

    Meal Plan A is for students who plan on eating most of their daily meals in the Simplot Café with a plan that allows 19 meals a week. Meals reset weekly and do not carry over week to week.  This plan includes $50 of Coyote Cash per term.

    Meal Plan B is for students who plan on eating regularly in the Simplot Café with a plan that allows 14 meals a week. Meals reset weekly and do not carry over week to week. This plan includes $135 of Coyote Cash per term.

    Meal Plan C is for students who want a variety between Simplot Café and other campus dining and allows for 10 meals a week.  Meals reset weekly and do not carry over week to week. This plan includes $190 of Coyote Cash per term.

    Meal Plan D is for students who plan on eating only one meal a day in the Simplot Café.  Meals reset weekly and do not carry over week to week. This plan includes $215 of Coyote Cash per term.

    The Commuter Plan is for students who plan to eat few meals on campus. This plan does allow no set meals per week and includes $710 of Coyote Cash.

    Please Note:

    • Additional Flex spending cash can be added at any time.
    • Coyote Cash associated with a meal plan will carry over within an academic year as long as the student continues on the meal plan for winter/spring semester.
    • Meals and Coyote Cash not used by the end of the academic year will be lost. 


    Full-Time Tuition

    To maintain full-time status, students must be enrolled in 12 or more credits each semester (fall and spring).

     2024 Fall

    2025 Winter/Spring

     Annual Cost

     $18,375  $18,375  $36,750

    Overload charges of $500/credit will be assessed for each credit exceeding 18 credits in fall term, 5 credits in winter term, and 18 credits in spring term.

    Part-Time Tuition and Fees

    Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits are considered part-time and will be charged according to the table below.

    Students who have received an undergraduate degree or are 25 or older may enroll for classes at a reduced rate of $770 per credit. This reduced rate does not apply to independent study, internships, music lessons, practice teaching, or other classes where individual attention is the primary means of instruction.

    Students who have earned an undergraduate degree and are returning to the College to pursue a second degree will also enroll at a reduced rate of $770 per credit.  These students must be enrolled at the minimum full-time credit load (12 credits) per semester. 

    For information regarding the option to audit a course, please refer to the Auditing and Non-Credit Instruction section of the College catalog.

    Please see Summer Undergraduate Tuition for specific summer rates.

     Part-Time Tuition and Fees

    (Credit and Non-Credit*)

    Student Status or Fee Type

    2024-25 Charges

    Under age 25, no undergraduate degree $1,535/credit     
    Age 25 or older, with or without undergraduate degree $770/credit     
    Any age with undergraduate degree $770/credit     
    Academic Service Fee $37.50/semester     
    Health Service Fee $50/semester     

    *Full-time staff and graduates of The College of Idaho may audit up to two courses per academic year at no tuition cost, provided space is available and they receive the instructor's permission. (Academic service fee and health service fee apply.) Please see Auditing and Non-Credit Instruction for more information.

    Pre-Certification Fast-Track

    Below are costs of undergraduate course work required for entry into the fifth-year internship or the Master of Arts in Teaching programs offered by the Education Department.


    2024-25 Charges

    Tuition for Full-Time Student with a Bachelor's Degree $770/credit
    Academic Service Fee $37.50/semester
    ASCI Fee $187.50/semester
    Student Health Services Fee  $50/semester

    Summer Tuition

     Course Type


    Summer 2024

     Internship and Independent Study

            1-6 credits    $200 flat rate
             Per credit beyond 6 credits   $100/credit 
     Study-away Courses   $500/credit
     All Other Courses   $510/credit

    Student Health Insurance

    The College of Idaho requires all full-time students to carry medical insurance and to provide proof of coverage annually. Students will be automatically enrolled and billed for insurance. The cost of the plan is payable on the first semester billing. If proof of adequate insurance is furnished to the College by the last day to add/drop in the first semester attended, the insurance will be canceled and the charges reversed. Proof of insurance must be furnished every year.

    Please see Student Fees for specific charges. Insurance costs are subject to change.

    Eligible dependents of students enrolled in the plan may participate in the plan on a voluntary basis. Additional information can be obtained from the Business Office.

    Student Privacy Act

    Federal law prohibits release of academic or financial records, even to parents, without the student's consent. For more information, see FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).