Gipson Honors Program

The Gipson Honors program serves outstanding individuals who have demonstrated broad intellectual curiosity and a developed aptitude for academic leadership. The Honors program offers selected students guided opportunities for leadership development, academic growth, and professional preparation. Admission to the Gipson Honors program is by invitation only.

Gipson Honors Program students must take FYS-110 and at least two semesters of HON-200. Students who enter the program in their sophomore year are required to complete at least two semesters of Honors Colloquia over the course of four years, but do not need to complete FYS-110 if they have already taken an FYS or transfer in an equivalent course. Students who enter the program in later years are required to complete at least one Honors Colloquium. Gipson Honors students elect which two spring semesters they enroll in the course, and they are welcome to enroll more than twice. Spring term only.

FYS-110Honors First-Year Seminar

3 credits

HON-200Gipson Honors Colloquium

1 credit