Mathematics and Physical Sciences

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The study of mathematics or the physical sciences requires a combination of creative thinking, detailed analysis, and organized problem-solving skills. At The College of Idaho, we provide the opportunity to expand and develop these skills as you acquire a broad range of mathematical and scientific knowledge.

Why Study Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physical Sciences at The College of Idaho?

Our mathematics, computer science, and physical science department provides an engaging and pragmatic curriculum that fosters student understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics and physical sciences, and encourages exploration of computational methods and mathematical applications. Our professors are dedicated to helping students develop critical thinking skills that are necessary for understanding a rapidly-changing and technologically-driven world.

The College offers majors in Mathematics, Mathematics-Physics, and Mathematics-Computer Science, which include core coursework incorporating programming, problem-solving, abstract analysis and applications, and additional upper-division courses in mathematics, physics, or computer science. Minors are offered in Geography, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Scientific Computing. The Pre-Engineering specialization helps students to develop a foundation for further study and careers in engineering.

Career Opportunities for Mathematics and Physical Science Students

An understanding of mathematics and the nature of matter and energy, along with the ability to think critically and solve problems, is essential to many careers. Our graduates have pursued successful careers in a wide variety of fields, including business, computer programming, economics, education, engineering, finance, law, and medicine.