Communication Arts

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Why Study Communication Arts at The College of Idaho?

The College of Idaho Department of Communication Arts approaches the study of communication by placing culture at the center and seeking to explore how to develop skills that will serve students throughout their lives. Written, oral, visual, and digital communication all work together in complex and shifting ways to build our social worlds - and as a student of communication, you will learn to look at the world using multiple lenses in order to be able to more closely listen, understand, and advocate. Students of communication also have the opportunity to take their skills and put them into use immediately, as part of their every-day lives, but also in more applied and specialized contexts, like working for the student newspaper or engaging in intercollegiate debate tournaments with the award-winning Howling Yotes.

Career Opportunities for Communication and Journalism Students

A major or minor in Communication or Journalism prepares students for a wide range of exciting life pursuits. Through the study of communication and journalism, students develop the skills that future employers are looking for—including effective group communication; developing research practices; the ability to powerfully convey ideas in written, verbal, and digital forms; as well as strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

As a department we believe that students should leave our classes prepared to participate in democratic society, and equally ready for their future careers—including careers that have not yet been created. Graduates with a major in Communication or minors in Journalism or Communication are prepared to enter graduate or professional study, attend law school, write for a news organization, work in Public Relations, lobby for political and social causes, participate in mission-driven work with non-profit organizations, as well as enter the world of business.