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The Spanish department at The College of Idaho helps students develop cross-cultural understanding and linguistic abilities to communicate effectively. By studying language at The College of Idaho, you will learn how to communicate successfully and develop a deeper understanding of cultures in our world.

Why Study Spanish at The College of Idaho?

The Spanish department offers a major or minor in Spanish.

Lower-division language courses center on developing communicative proficiency in reading, listening, speaking, and writing, as well as on increasing cultural awareness. Upper-division courses focus on literature, film, and culture, and help students to develop analytical thinking, research, and speaking and writing skills. Special reading topics and interdisciplinary studies courses complement the Spanish major and minor by encouraging students to integrate other majors and minors with language study.

Many students also enhance their Spanish major or minor through study abroad programs. The department offers off-campus study programs in various countries on a rotating basis. Students also study internationally through approved program providers.

In addition to small classes, caring professors, and motivated classmates, the College's diverse community offers students the opportunity to interact regularly with native speakers. The College has attracted a large number of international students from a wide array of countries not usually seen on a small residential campus. The community surrounding The College of Idaho also offers students access to native-speaking communities, as well as cultural events, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

Career Opportunities for Spanish Students

Understanding multiple languages and cultures offers students many professional opportunities in today's global society. A foreign language major or minor prepares students for success in a variety of career fields and future endeavors: graduate studies, education, foreign service work, business, social work, public service, law, journalism, and health professions.