Political Economy Major


Major Requirements

35 credits

Introductory Core

POE-110United States Political Economy

3 credits

POE-120International Politics

3 credits


POE-250Introduction to Political Philosophy

3 credits


POE-255Introduction to Political Philosophy through Plato

3 credits


POE-263Introduction to Political Economy

3 credits

POE-299Evidence, Proof, and Knowledge

3 credits

Additional Requirements

POE-498Senior Seminar: Political Economy

3 credits

POE ELEC -Political Economy elective credits

17 credits

Students selecting a major in Political Economy are strongly encouraged to learn a modern foreign language, study abroad, complete an internship, complete departmental honors (for those who qualify, see below), or otherwise enhance their educational experience.

Students who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 in POE courses taken at The College of Idaho are eligible to apply for departmental honors. Eligible students who earn an A in the Senior Seminar will receive departmental honors. 


Students who graduate with a major in Political Economy demonstrate the following outcomes:

1)  The ability to apply major philosophies and established theories of domestic political economy sufficient to analyze U.S. issues of political economy;

2)  The ability to critically assess social science perspectives and analytical methods aimed at understanding issues in U.S. domestic political economy;

3)  The ability to articulate complex personal positions regarding public policies and normative questions central to U.S. political economy; and

4)  The ability to write reasoned arguments positioned within U.S. political economy scholarship and formatted in Chicago/Turabian style.