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Requests for Exceptions to Academic Policies

In extenuating circumstances, a student may submit a request for an exception to an academic policy. Requests for exceptions to academic policies must be submitted in writing (an email sent to appeal@marymount.edu or a letter sent by post) to the Appeals Committee for Academic Policy (ACAP) within 45 days of the end of the term in which the situation requiring an exception occurred. For details on how to appeal, see Guidelines for Appealing and Academic Policy on the MU Portal.

ACAP meets every two weeks to review requests for exceptions. Decisions of ACAP may be appealed. A one-time appeal of the committee’s decision is permitted if the student can submit new information that was not initially reviewed by the committee. This one-time appeal must be submitted via email within five business days of receipt of the committee’s initial decision without serious extenuating circumstances and must include all new information and documentation. Students who believe they were discriminated against within the review process may file an appeal with the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs. Appeals must be submitted in writing (email or letter sent by post) within five business days of receipt of the committee's decision.

For information on academic integrity and student community conduct code appeals, see the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity website.