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The university provides new graduate students with a Graduate Orientation and Welcome program to academically prepare them for their Marymount graduate experience. Each school or department offers a program-specific orientation, which is mandatory for some programs, to acquaint students with their program of study. The Graduate Orientation and Welcome also offers workshops, fairs, and social events.

More information about Marymount Graduate Orientation can be found by contacting Graduate Enrollment Services or visiting the Graduate Student Orientation website.

International Student Check-In

International students bring their own unique needs to Marymount. To address these needs, the university provides both a university orientation program and an International Student Orientation Session (ISOS).

At ISOS, students will learn about maintaining their F-1 visa status, U.S. immigration regulations, the American educational system, academic program planning, and adjusting to Marymount University and the American culture. Also, this will be a great opportunity to meet other students and make new friends.

In addition to attending ISOS, all new international students are required to attend the undergraduate new student or graduate orientations. For more information about pre-arrival and orientation information, visit the International Student Services website, email iss@marymount.edu, or call (703) 526-6922.