Student Standings

Students' progress according to the SAP standards is measured at the end of every semester in order to determine eligibility for future semesters. Students can be in one of the following SAP status categories:

Dean's List

To receive Dean's List recognition, a student must complete at least nine or more graded credits (excluding grades of P and S) in a given semester and achieve a GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. Dean's List recognition is given only for the fall and spring semesters.

Good Status

Students who are meeting all of the standards of SAP and are not in a period of warning, suspension, or probation are in good standing; no additional enrollment, advising, or academic plan requirements are specified.

Warning Status

Should a student’s semester GPA and/or cumulative GPA fall beneath a 2.0, or their pace to completion fall below the mandatory threshold, the student’s academic standing will be put on academic warning. The semester of academic warning is designed to serve as a "wake-up" call. It is notice that the student’s current academic plan, goals, or study routines are not working and need to be evaluated and perhaps changed.  

Students earning this status in the fall will be placed on academic warning in the spring. Students earning this status in the spring will be placed on academic warning in the fall. Students on academic warning are expected to remain in a full course load (at least 12 credits) during their semester of academic warning.

If a student finishes their academic warning semester with at least a 2.0 for their semester GPA and brings their cumulative GPA above a 2.0, and/or raises their pace to completion above the threshold, the student will be deemed in good standing.  Should the student not meet these criteria, they will be dismissed with the right to appeal.

Probation / Academic Plan

A student on probation may enroll and receive federal, state, and institutional aid for one semester pending evaluation.  Students who have been placed on probation and are attending their program under an approved academic plan remain eligible for aid as long as they continue to meet the conditions of that plan.

Dismissal Status

Students who do not meet both qualitative and quantitative standards are no longer eligible for financial aid. Students will receive a letter informing them that they have been dismissed. Students can take classes (using students' own funding) and can raise their cumulative GPA and completion rate to meet the above standards to be reviewed for SAP. Students who have been dismissed may petition if there are extenuating circumstances that led to academic difficulties (see Petition Process).