Renewable Energy Systems Technology


Program Manager:

Eli Bowles


(208) 732-6377


Student Success Advisor Name:

JoAnn Schroedter

Student Advisor Phone:

(208) 732-6228

Student Advisor Email:

Program Overview:

Graduates successfully completing the Renewable Energy Systems Technology Program will be equipped to fill the need for workers thoroughly and specifically trained in industrial safety and in the areas of industrial electricity, mechanical drives, electric motors, hydraulics, programmable logic controllers for the maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial systems. Additionally, graduates of this program will be qualified to install, maintain, and troubleshoot solar and wind energy systems. The broad range of skills gained through hands-on experience prepare students for success in many industries, including manufacturing, food processing, and renewable energy. This program will deliver instruction in both lecture and laboratory formats.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Renewable Energy Systems Technology program, a student will be able to:

  1. Identify career opportunities in the local and national level in Wind, Solar Geothermal, or industry.
  2. Explain the different roles each of the renewable energies has in the market place.
  3. Apply industry safety standards in daily work activities
  4. Execute safe rescue from heights based on GWO standards
  5. Formulate and execute safe rigging operations
  6. Analyze system information using different SCADA systems to evaluate expected versus actual production outcomes.
  7. Use Programming Logic Controllers at a basic level, and demonstrate how to troubleshoot and use HMIs (human machine interfaces).
  8. Apply knowledge and skills to systematically troubleshoot for equipment, maintenance and generation issues in industry that could have mechanical drive systems, hydraulics or electrical systems.

Program Requirements for Admission:

Program Application Required