Automation Engineering Technology


Program Manager:

Ben Hamlett


(208) 732-6374


Student Success Advisor Name:

JoAnn Schroedter

Student Advisor Phone:

(208) 732-6228

Student Advisor Email:

Program Overview:

The Automation Engineering Technology Program is a hands-on, technical program designed to provide students with the necessary skills to obtain a position in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is very broad and encompasses many different industries and sectors; like food processing, automobiles, paper and plastic manufacturers, etc. To manufacture something is to make something. No matter where you look you are using items that have been manufactured. Automation is the key to the future for manufacturing and people are needed to create and maintain the automation process. Students will learn about PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), HMIs (Human Machine Interface), electronics, circuits, and automation and process control theories. If you like making things, this degree program is for you. In our laboratory we have a variety of equipment that is used in the local manufacturing industry as well as offering a variety of internships to gain real world experience. Students in the program can earn a Basic Technical Certificate, an Intermediate Technical Certificate and an Associate of Applied Science.

Program Requirements for Admission:

Program Application Required

Career Information:

Electro-Mechanical Technicians, Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Industrial Engineering Technicians