Heavy Equipment Ag Technology

Program Manager:

Rodney Higgins


(208) 732-6370



Student Success Advisor Name:

JoAnn Schroedter

Student Advisor Phone:


Student Advisor Email:


Program Overview:

Heavy Equipment/Ag Technology is a lab/shop based program that trains students to become skilled technicians in the heavy equipment and agricultural equipment industries. Students in the program will become certified and proficient in shop safety and practices. Students will learn basic welding and fabrication skills. Coursework covers a broad range of fundamental and advanced topics including engine, electrical, HVAC, hydraulic and powertrain systems. Students will also have opportunities to participate in cooperative education with local industry partners to learn real-world applications for their skills. This is a limited enrollment program with additional entrance requirements.

Program Requirements for Admission:

All general education requirements must be met or instructor permission granted before entering the Heavy Equipment/Ag Technology Program. Take CSI placement exams. Program application and a letter of intent must be submitted to the program advisor with CSI placement exam scores. Meet with the program advisor for CSI placement exam score review, personal interview and program acceptance. Pay first semester’s tuition and fees to secure a slot.

Career Information:

Diesel Engine Specialist