Class Attendance

The College of Idaho values the contributions that students make in the classroom. All students are expected to attend classes and laboratories in which they are enrolled and are expected to abide by specific course attendance policies as described in course syllabi. A student who is absent without explanation from the first course meeting during a semester or term will be administratively dropped from the course by the Registrar.

The College also recognizes the importance of co- and extra-curricular activities to the overall educational experience. If a student expects to miss class during the semester because of scheduled commitments to college-sponsored activities, the student should communicate this to the instructor during the first week of instruction. Early communication allows the student and instructor to discuss the impact of absences on coursework and, if necessary, for the student to schedule alternative courses before the add/drop deadline. In all cases, students must give notice to instructor(s) at least one week in advance of their absence regarding missed class time and coursework. Absence from class for any reason does not exempt the student from completing all course assignments on time.