Auditing a Course

Currently-Enrolled Students

Current full-time students may audit a course provided space is available and they receive the instructor's permission. Students interested in auditing a class should present the audit form to the instructor at least a week before the beginning of the class; the audit form will describe the instructor's expectations regarding levels of participation and attendance. All decisions regarding auditing of a class, including continuing participation, rest with the instructor. Students who complete an audited course will receive a grade of AU on their transcript but receive no academic credit; courses audited do not count as part of the student's load for veterans' benefits or athletic eligibility. Enrolled students pay the standard overload fee if the audited course brings their fall or spring semester load above 18 credits or their winter or summer load above 5 credits. All rules regarding add/drop, withdrawals, and administrative withdrawals follow the academic calendar and college policies. Audited courses cannot be converted to credit-bearing classes or retaken for credit.

Part-Time and Non-Degree-Seeking Students

All the above regulations apply to part-time and non-degree-seeking students, with the standard per-credit fees applying to any audited course.

Full-Time Employees and Graduates

Full-time employees and graduates of The College of Idaho may audit up to two courses per academic year at no cost for tuition, provided space is available and they receive the instructor's permission. (Academic and health fees apply; see costs here.) Graduates interested in auditing classes should first contact the Alumni Office and then complete the audit form before contacting the instructor. Employees should submit a completed Staff Audit Application to the Registrar's Office. (Forms are located in the HR section of Canvas.)  All other conditions that apply for enrolled students apply for C of I employees and graduates.