NURS 455 Clinical Decision Making & Complex Care

As a final nursing class, this course will focus on the synthesis of nursing knowledge required to care for the patient and family with complex nursing needs. The course focuses on nursing care of patients across the life-span, but will have a particular emphasis on the adult and geriatric patient. New knowledge will be assimilated with previously learned knowledge to add depth and breadth to the synthesis of knowledge necessary to provide holistic care for patients and families in challenging health care circumstances. The independent preparation and critical thinking required for the synthesis and acquisition of new understandings for this course will serve as a model for the ongoing professional development of the nurse as a lifelong learner. Students will be expected to prepare for each class by responding to NCLEX-type quizzes each week prior to class. Students will come to class prepared to apply integrated knowledge to case study situations developed by the faculty.




Grade of C or better in class='sc-courselink' href='/en/catalogs/simmons-college/2023-2024/undergraduate-course-catalog/undergraduate-courses/nurs-nursing/300/nurs-387'>NURS 387 or NURS 487

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