NURS 454 Leadership and Management in Clinical Settings

All nursing courses with the exception of NURS-390 and NURS-455 required. A capstone nursing class taught in conjunction with NURS-455. Focuses on the leadership and management role of the nurse in a precepted direct clinical experience. Assists students to become effective organizational members assuming professional responsibility in a fieldbased internship. Encourages self-actualization, independent learning, self-direction, and understanding of group interaction in the teachinglearning process through weekly seminars. Helps students to evolve as nursing professionals as they transition into future employees and future managers. Explores leadership and management theory, critical thinking, nursing concepts, and personal/professional development within clinical experience and in a written project. Uses clinical seminars to increase knowledge and understanding of visionary leadership, management, communication, strategies for delegation, conflict resolution, and quality control while in direct clinical practice.



Cross Listed Courses



Grade of C or better in NURS 387 or NURS 487