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NU 403 Research and Evidence-Based Practice

An introduction to the process of systematic investigation necessary for the continued development of the body of knowledge that forms the basis of nursing practice. The purpose of this course is to provide learners with the opportunity to systematically examine the research process, characteristics of practice-based research leading to the development of evidence-based nursing practice, and methodologies appropriate to the investigation of researchable nursing-practice problems. Emphasis is placed on guiding learners through the research process, facilitating the critical reading of nursing and related research, developing skill in identifying researchable problems encountered in the practice of nursing, and stimulating the intelligent application of research findings to nursing practice. Focus is given to the interrelatedness and interdependence of the parts of the research process and evidence-based practice issues. Prerequisites: MA 132 and NU 308. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: DSINQ. (3)