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School of Business and Technology

Dean: Mr. Jonathan Aberman

Drawing upon the resources of its unique location, the School of Business and Technology follows its mission to educate and prepare students to become ethical business professionals who think critically and communicate effectively in a diverse, dynamic, and global environment.

At the undergraduate level, the school offers degree programs in accounting, cloud computing, cybersecurity, business administration, economics, and information technology. At the graduate level, students may pursue degrees in business administration, cybersecurity, emerging technology, health care management, human resource management, and information technology.

The School of Business and Technology also offers combined programs that allow undergraduate students to begin their graduate coursework for business administration, cybersecurity, and information technology while completing their bachelor degrees.

Marymount's premiere location near the nation's capital allows the university to work with senior officers of various multinational corporations and government agencies who serve as executives-in-residence for undergraduate and graduate business degree programs. These executives assist the faculty by acting as technical and teaching resources. They also serve as mentors for students by providing information for career planning.

As affirmation of its mission, the school commits to the students

  • a quality undergraduate education combining a foundation in the liberal arts with a professional education that provides a sound knowledge base, basic analytical skills, and solid values for successful career preparation;
  • a quality graduate education that increases knowledge, hones analytical skills, reinforces ethical values, and augments academic and professional development through an advanced program of study;
  • a student-focused learning environment where the curriculum builds on both the scholarly world and the real world of business activities;
  • a challenging interactive and inquiry-based learning experience in small class settings with enthusiastic and skilled faculty; and
  • a respect for ethical responsibilities in how we teach, what we teach, and how we work.

The school commits to the business community

  • an ongoing dialogue and interaction among the community, the faculty, and students;
  • graduates who understand the relevance of professional education to professional practice; and
  • graduates who understand the changing complexities and globalization of the world marketplace and the social responsibilities these create.

The school commits to its faculty

  • the recognition of the importance of excellence in teaching and learning;
  • the confirmation of scholarly and professional development that strengthens teaching and learning; and
  • the affirmation of the importance of service that creates and reinforces linkages with the business, professional, university, higher education, government, and student communities.