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ED584 Advanced Curriculum and Instruction for Educational Leadership

Prepares educators with knowledge; understanding; and application of planning, assessment, and instructional leadership for roles in the K-12 school setting at the supervisory or administrative level. The emphasis of the course will be planning, implementation, and refinement of standards-based curriculum aligned with instruction, assessment, and instructional decisions as they affect the teaching and learning environment of the school with diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious, and special needs populations. The implications of current reform movements, issues, and trends in curriculum will be explored, including using principles of student motivation, growth, and development; gathering and analyzing data to develop and implement a school improvement plan; identifying competencies and target areas in need of attention; and integrating technology in curriculum and instruction. As part of the administration and supervision program, the course will also focus on providing leadership in school-wide curricula that incorporates religious education and Christian values in the curriculum. Prerequisite: admission to administration and supervision program. (3)