Computer Support Technician


Program Manager:

Kirk Ruby


(208) 732-6316


Student Success Advisor Name:

JoAnn Schroedter

Student Advisor Phone:

(208) 732-6228

Student Advisor Email:

Program Overview:

The one-year technical certificate option is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become employable as an entry-level Computer Support Technician. Students will be able to assemble and troubleshoot PCs along with managing operating systems. In addition, this program serves as a skills development tract for those students wishing to go onto a two-year Network Systems Technician degree or Cybersecurity and Programming.

The Computer Support Technician Program embodies all the information necessary to become CompTIA A+ certified, but does not guarantee certification. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule and complete the certification tests if they desire.

Students will complete a Technical Skills Assessment to demonstrate program competency.

Career Information:

 IT Support Specialist, Computer User Support, Helpdesk Technician

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