Campus Housing

The College of Idaho offers on-campus housing to all full-time students who are under 26 years old. Part-time students and students who are 26 years old and older may live on campus as appropriate space permits. All full-time students who are not yet 21, unmarried, and without dependent children are required to live in campus housing for six semesters. For more information about this policy and about Residence Life in general, as well as a description of the housing options listed below, please visit the Residence Life page on the College website.

The rates listed are per person.

 2023-24 Room Charges

Double and Closet Single Rooms 

Cost per Term 

Cost per Year

 Voorhees Hall $2,945.00        $5,890.00      
 Anderson Hall (existing) $1,875.00        $3,750.00      
 Anderson Hall (remodeled) $1,975.00        $3,950.00      
 Simplot and Hayman Halls $2,730.00        $5,460.00      

 Single Rooms

 Simplot and Hayman Halls  $3,300.00       $6,600.00      
 Anderson Hall (existing) $2,875.00       $5,750.00      
 Anderson Hall (remodeled) $2,975.00         $5,950.00      

 Triple Rooms

 Simplot and Hayman Halls $2,150.00       $4,300.00      

Suite-Style Rooms

 Single room in a suite
 (Finney, Sawtooth, Owyhee)
$3,517.50        $7,035.00     
 Sawtooth and Owyhee doubles $2,992.50       $5,985.00     

 Village Apartments

 Village 4-Bedroom Room (single) $3,650.00       $7,300.00     
 Village 2-Bedroom Room (single) $3,650.00       $7,300.00     
 Village 2-Bedroom Room (double) $3,150.00       $6,300.00     

Rental Houses 

 Rental House Single Room     N/A