Student Services

Accessibility and Learning Excellence

The College of Idaho seeks to provide an educational environment that is accessible to the needs of students with disabilities.

The College provides reasonable services to enrolled students who have a documented permanent or temporary, physical, psychiatric, medical, learning, intellectual, or sensory disability that qualifies the student for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The Department of Accessibility & Learning Excellence (DALE) at The College of Idaho:

  • Seeks to ensure that all programs, services and facilities are accessible to students on a non-discriminatory basis.
  • Is committed to providing our students with disabilities the accommodations and support they need to have a rewarding and successful experience.
  • Fosters a campus culture of acceptance, inclusion, and positive attitudes that respects the diversity of our student body.
  • Reviews and maintains disability-related documentation.
  • Considers all disclosures confidential; they will never appear on a student’s college record.

Reasonable academic accommodations may be provided to students who submit appropriate and current documentation of their disability. Accommodations can be arranged only through this process and are not retroactively applied.

Other DALE services for students with and without registered disabilities include:

  • Strategies to communicate with professors.
  • Navigation of life events that make academics difficult or present new barriers.
  • Assistance using technology for academics.
  • Referrals to tutors, counselors, peer advocates, or other campus support staff.

Students can email to contact the DALE Director and the Accessibility Coordinator for assistance with disability accommodations, campus accessibility, or peer support.

More information about registration and departmental supports can be found on the DALE page of the College website here.

Campus Safety

The mission of The College of Idaho's Campus Safety Department is to serve the campus community with respect, fairness, and compassion while also helping students develop important life skills. Uniformed Campus Safety officers provide around-the-clock patrol and services to the campus community. Officer training includes a basic academy, annual block training, and ongoing educational classes appropriate to the profession.

The Department of Campus Safety is the primary department at The College of Idaho charged with creating a safe and secure environment, but crime prevention, risk identification, and problem solving are a community responsibility. We encourage the campus community to look out for their own safety and for the safety of others. Officers can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (208) 459-5151 (ext. 5151 from on campus). The Campus Safety Department is located in Hendren Hall.

Health and Wellness Center

Located in Hendren Hall, the Health & Wellness Center offers both counseling and physical health care services. Students have the option of in-person appointments with Wellness Center staff or Telehealth appointments through TimelyCare.

Counseling Center

The Health & Wellness Center offers free, short-term, confidential in-person counseling services to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all students. We support student mental health and wellness through individual counseling, community referrals, peer advocate support, and educational resources. The Health & Wellness Center also offers preventative programming and small groups on campus during the academic year.

The first step in getting started with individual counseling is to schedule an initial appointment. Please email with your availability.


We are now offering free Telehealth appointments through TimelyCare. Get on-demand support from counselors right at your fingertips.

  • Scheduled Counseling: Access licensed counselors in your state.
  • Talk Now: Get 24/7, on-demand mental health support.
  • Health Coaching: Schedule virtual appointments with a certified health coach.
  • Psychiatry: Accessed through HWC approval.

Create your FREE account:

  • Visit (link also here) or download the TimelyCare app.
  • Click “Sign In.”
  • Create your profile using your school email.
  • Follow the prompts to start your first visit.

Located in Hendren Hall, the Health & Wellness Center additionally offers Peer Health Advocate support, a Sensory and Lactation Room, community resources, and more. Learn more about our counseling services on the Health & Wellness Center – Counseling Services page.

Physical Health Services

The Health & Wellness Center offers free, basic physical health services for all students. During the academic year, the Health & Wellness Center is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and Student Wellness Coordinator, who work together to provide services such as:

  • Assessment, treatment, and referral as needed, for an illness or injury
  • Over-the-counter medications and treatments for common ailments
  • Throat culture to screen for strep throat
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Loan service for crutches
  • Health information
  • Free condoms
  • Annual Health Fair
  • STI testing
  • Referrals to other providers, as needed


We are now offering free virtual medical visits through TimelyCare. Get on-demand support from doctors, nurse practitioners, and more, right at your fingertips.

  • Scheduled Medical: Access licensed heath care providers in your state.
  • MedicalNow: Get 24/7, on-demand medical visits for immediate health questions.
  • Health Coaching: Schedule virtual appointments with a certified health coach.

Create your FREE account:

  • Visit (link also here) or download the TimelyCare app.
  • Click “Sign In.”
  • Create your profile using your school email.
  • Follow the prompts to start your first visit.

The Health & Wellness Center additionally sponsors health promotion programs and events on campus through partnership with local health care providers to promote a healthy campus. Rotating clinics include free STI screenings, vaccine clinics, and basic health screenings. Learn more about our physical health services on the Health & Wellness Center – Student Health Services page.

Inclusion and Intercultural Engagement

The Inclusion and Intercultural Engagement Department is committed to helping achieve an inclusive campus environment that values Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in all its forms. The IIE department strongly supports student identity expression through individual guidance and club/organization support, including Gender Sexuality Campus Alliance (GSCA), the Council for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI), the Association of Latino Americano Students (ALAS), the International Student Organization (ISO), the Asian Student Association (ASA), the Nepalese Student Association (NSA), African Friends Relatives & Others (AFRO), and Interfaith Council. These clubs/organizations put on many activities/events throughout the year to help build community through engagement and cultural awareness, such as ALAS’ Annual Cultural Dinner, Hispanic Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo community celebration, Future Hispanic Leaders of America (FHLA) conferences, Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit (HYLS) conferences, Latino high school student leadership conferences, ISO’s annual Cultural Show and Food Fest, ASA’s Dewali & Holi Celebrations, NSA’s Dashain Celebration, AFRO club MLK Day, and Black History Month.

Outdoor Program

The College of Idaho Outdoor Program is an outdoor recreation and educational program offering classes, workshops, trips, and outdoor equipment rentals for student recreational use. The educational component of the Outdoor Program consists of workshops and classes, such as instruction in fly-fishing, rock climbing, and kayaking. CIOP trips include backpacking, camping, rock climbing, and skiing.

Student-led trips are designed for everyone who has an interest in the outdoors, not just experienced adventurers. Previous experience is not required! On each trip there are one or more student leaders present who have received training and experience in the activity, risk management, and wilderness medicine. Trips vary in length from one day to a week, and may include pre-trip instruction to prepare participants. Join the CIOP to get outside and explore Idaho!

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life strives to provide a living environment that enhances learning and personal development outside of the classroom. Residential communities lead to the development of life skills, leadership skills, and a holistic educational experience. Residence Life staff members, both professional and paraprofessional, are educators who seek to create a community where students mature personally and academically. Living in a residence hall offers opportunities for involvement in campus activities, access to academic support, personal growth, leadership development, life skills, interaction with campus leaders, independence, and fun.

College of Idaho residents have access to four very different living environments: four traditional residence halls, two apartment buildings, three suite-style buildings, and a limited number of rental houses. To facilitate a strong and dynamic campus community, College of Idaho students who are not yet 21, who are unmarried, and who do not have dependent children live in campus housing for six semesters.

Spiritual Life

The Department of Campus Ministries coordinates spiritual and pastoral resources for The College of Idaho, independent of religious tradition. While the College was founded as a Presbyterian college and is an active member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU), it is a non-sectarian college that celebrates free, open academic inquiry.

The College supports a voluntary, multi-denominational Christian program, active Catholic programming in partnership with the Catholic diocese, an LDS Student Club and Institute, a Muslim Student Club, an Interfaith Student Club, and an endowed Jewish Chair with speakers and programs. The College also offers occasional trips to Greece and Israel for academic credit, an academic minor in religious studies, and numerous all-campus lectures on faith and culture.

Student Involvement

The Student Involvement Department provides advisory and administrative support for all student organizations on campus, including ASCI Executive Council, Program Council, Greek Life, Student Senate, and the Student Union Building Committee. Involvement outside of the classroom gives students the opportunity to hone their leadership skills while interacting with their peers, faculty, administration, staff, and the broader community. Involvement in ASCI roles and student organizations enables students to share interests and skills and learn from one another. The Student Involvement Department helps enrich the educational experience through engaging, supporting, and inspiring students to become active members of the College of Idaho community.