MHEO 490 Public Health Project Planning I & II

This accelerated course provides students with the foundations to begin planning the Health Equity ChangeProject, encompassing the applied practicum and integrative learning experience. During this course, students start the process of seeking a practicum placement, practicing important career preparatory skills such as professional résumé and cover letter development, professional networking, and interviewing skills. Students also consider the ethical implications of potential practicum projects. Students select guiding public health competencies and develop associated practicum goals and objectives aligned with the mission and vision of the placement organization of their choice. At the mid-point of this course, students are expected to submit their Practicum Placement Form signed and approved by their preceptor. Although students will not be graded for this assignment, this form is considered a prerequisite for the submission and approval of their HECP proposal by the final weeks of this course.

This course also provides students with the necessary ethical and structural tools to design their Health Equity Change Project (HECP), encompassing the applied practicum and integrative learning experience. Students frame and analyze their practicum objectives from an ethical perspective, completing required IRB forms. Students then create a timeline and logic model to approach their practicum from a realistic perspective. Ultimately, students develop and submit a final HECP proposal that builds upon their learning across the curriculum and that will guide their applied practice and integrative learning experience in the final terms of the program. This proposal serves as the basis for program approval to begin the HECP experience in subsequent terms.