Sandy, Janet I

B.S. (Brigham Young University); M.S. (University of Portland); Adult Nurse Practitioner and Professor Emeritus of Nursing, 1973.

Selelyo, Patricia A (Pat)

B.A. (Concordia College); M.S. (University of Delaware); Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1989.

Sept, Teresa Ann

IC3 Certification; Idaho Education Credential Standard Occupational Specialist in Information/Communication Technology; Professor Emeritus of Digital Media, 2001.

Slifer, Elizabeth A (Betty)

B.A. (University of New Hampshire; University of New Brunswick, Canada; Tufts University); M.A. (Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts; London, England); Postgraduate Study (Idaho State University; University of Idaho; Brigham Young University); Professor Emeritus of English, 1975.


Smith, Dr. Burton (Randy)

B.S. (Humboldt State University); M.S. (University of Nevada, Reno); D.A. (Idaho State University); Professor Emeritus of Biology, 2003.

Stanfield, Peggy S

B.S. (Alabama College); M.S. (Montana State University); Graduate Study (Idaho State University); Registered Dietician (R.D.); Professor Emeritus of Biology.

Steel, Laine A

A.A. (College of Southern Idaho); B.F.A. (Weber State College); M.F.A. Postgraduate Study (University of Utah); Professor Emeritus of Theatre, 1988.

Steel, Lavar

B.S., M.S. (Brigham Young University); Professor Emeritus of Art.

Stover, Kathy A

B.S., M.M. (Utah State University); Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 1998.


Sugden, Dr. Mark A

B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota); Instructional Dean, Health Sciences and Human Services Emeritus, 1988

Tremayne, Dr. Russell M (Russ)

M.A. (Boise State University); Ph.D. (University of Washington); Professor Emeritus of History, 1999.


Triplett, Kenneth W.

A.A.S. (College of Southern Idaho); B.A.S., M.Ed. (University of Idaho); AGC Instructor Certificate; Idaho PTE Administrator Credential; Building Trades Certification; Professor of Cabinetmaking/ Woodworking Emeritus, 1987.