SW 424B Advanced Clinical Practice

This 3-credit course is the second course of a required two-semester sequence and is taken concurrent with field education courses. Students combine theoretical knowledge and insights with evidence-based strategies for specific populations. Each practice approach reflects different ways of gathering, organizing, and reflecting on pertinent information and leads to distinct ways of conceptualizing issues and co-constructing clinical processes with clients. Students learn to identify which practice method or intervention is most beneficial for each specific client in achieving positive outcomes. Specific populations will be considered in this course, including children and adolescents, families, older adults, and sexual and gender minorities. The course focuses on deepening your knowledge and advanced clinical skills working with these populations. As this is a course that focuses on clinical practice, the aim is to include a significant amount of demonstration, role-play, and expert insight across the asynchronous and synchronous learning.




SW 424A


SW 447B