SW 424A Advanced Clinical Practice

This 3-credit course is the first course of a required two-semester sequence and is taken concurrent with field education courses. Building on knowledge and skills mastered from the foundation practice course, the course expands and deepens students’ understanding and application of the major social work paradigms (ecological, social justice, cultural responsiveness, ethics, and use of evidence). Through case examples and role play, students will enhance their ability to collect, appraise, and organize appropriate clinical data throughout all stages of the social work process (engagement, assessment, formulation, goal setting, intervention, and evaluation). In addition, students will analyze, compare, contrast, interpret, and apply major social work practice approaches (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, solution-focused and narrative) to learn how to decide which approach is most beneficial for each specific client in achieving positive outcomes. Finally, students will be able to assess and interpret specific client challenges demonstrating knowledge of course themes related to professional use of self, the therapeutic relationship, assessment skills, and brief treatment.






Must be taken concurrently with SW447A