NURS 335 Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

This course focuses on the major mental health disorders, therapeutic interventions and the role of the nurse in the acute mental health setting. Students will use the nursing process to enhance their delivery of bio-psycho-social-cultural developmental-spiritual nursing care to individuals and their families who are coping with major mental illnesses. The student will integrate interprofessional collaboration, patient education and patient advocacy in the care of the patient with acute mental health disorders. Clinical experiences will focus on the care of those with acute mental health needs.



Cross Listed Courses

NURS 448


class='sc-courselink' href='/en/catalogs/simmons-college/2023-2024/undergraduate-course-catalog/undergraduate-courses/nurs-nursing/300/nurs-331'>NURS 331, class='sc-courselink' href='/en/catalogs/simmons-college/2023-2024/undergraduate-course-catalog/undergraduate-courses/nurs-nursing/300/nurs-332'>NURS 332, class='sc-courselink' href='/en/catalogs/simmons-college/2023-2024/undergraduate-course-catalog/undergraduate-courses/psyc-psychology/200/psyc-237n'>PSYC 237N or PSYC 235

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