Program Manager:

Mark Daily


(208) 732-6424


Student Success Advisor Name:

Catrina Chappel

Student Advisor Phone:

(208) 732-6253

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Program Overview:

Physics is the study of the fundamental rules of the universe and their application to the worlds around us. Students majoring in physics at CSI can obtain an A.S. degree, and transfer to four-year institutions to complete their Bachelor’s or other advanced degrees. Due to the fundamental nature of the study of physics, students majoring in physics have virtually unlimited academic and career options. From traditional physics subjects such as Newtonian mechanics, light and matter interactions, astronomy, cosmology, nuclear and condensed matter physics, to chemistry, biology, medicine, and all types of engineering, physicists have successfully pursued careers in such widely varying subjects as finance and sports training. The more you know about the rules of the universe, the more you can do with them.

Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Physics program, the student will be able to:

  1. Use math and science concepts to interpret, formulate and solve science problems.
  2. Form and test a hypothesis in the laboratory using appropriate tools and techniques for data collection and/or analysis.
  3. Interpret and communicate scientific information via written, spoken, and/or visual representations.
  4. Apply foundational knowledge and models of Motion, Newtonian Mechanics, Energy, Momentum, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, and Optics to analyze and/or predict phenomena.
  5. Enroll in and successfully complete upper division Physics and Math courses in the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Physics.

Career Information:

Sample Career Opportunities: Physicists

*Talk to an advisor for additional career choices