Business Management/Entrepreneur, Intermediate Technical Certificate

Demonstrate understanding of vocabulary in the functional areas of business: management, operations, marketing, and accounting/finance.

Describe legal, social, and ethical economic considerations within a global context.

Apply computer literacy skills to conduct research and analyze business data to make critical and creative marketing decisions, identify new business trends, and address customer/client needs.

Present research, data, analysis, and conclusions through written and oral means.

Explain the flow of goods and services and discuss the cause and effect of issues in the supply chain.

Major Code: 4231T

**Alternative plans of study available by contacting your advisor

Fall Semester Freshman Year

BUSA 215Information Science and Data Management

3 Credits

BUSM 145Marketing Basics

3 Credits

SOCY 105Human Relations

3 Credits

MATH GEAny Gen. Ed. Math Course

3 Credits

BUSM 261Business Management

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:15

Spring Semester Freshman Year

ACCB 129Introduction to Bookkeeping*

3 Credits

ACCB 129LIntroduction to Bookkeeping Lab*

1 Credit

BUSM 166Retailing and Merchandising Management

3 Credits

BUSM 181Human Resources Management

3 Credits

ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics

3 Credits


COMM 101Fundamentals of Oral Communication

3 Credits


ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I

3 Credits


Total Credit Hours:16

*Prerequisite or Corequisite required

Total Credit Hours: 31