Course Catalog

SW 255 Interviewing & Documentation in Human Services

This course is designed to give students entering social service professions an introduction to interviewing skills that are needed in order to complete initial and follow-up interviews with clients. These skills include engagement, working with the client to identify the presenting concerns, and working with the client to assess their needs and strengths. The course begins by focusing on engagement and interviewing skills when working with individuals, families, groups, and community members. The focus then turns to documenting these social service encounters. Once initial interviewing skills have been honed, the course focuses on skills for Motivational Interviewing before ending the course with an introduction to assessment. Throughout the course, strengths-based practice, a social justice orientation, person-in-environment, and culturally humble stance will be taken when looking at engagement and assessment. Students will leave this course with an understanding of how to conduct an empowering and strengths-based initial interview with a client, whether that client is an individual, family, group, or a composition of community members.