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SPAN 253M Social & Political Issues in Modern Spain STC

Students who want to register for travel courses must first apply through the Colleges of the Fenway GEO Center on All requirements must be completed as listed on studio abroad before a student is accepted into a course. In addition to Simmons travel courses, other College of the Fenway courses are listed on the site. After registration on studio abroad, the GEO Center will ask for you to deposit for your course. The GEO will send the list of completed and accepted registrations to the Registrar. This is how you will be registered for the travel course. Interested students should create an account on studio abroad as soon as possible. Focuses on 20th-century Spain with special emphasis placed on the Spanish Civil War, the Franco rgime, the transition to democracy, and Spain today. Areas covered include art and architecture as well as historical, political, cultural, social, and economic issues. The activities offered through the program are a complement to the course material. Staff from GRIIS, Granada Institute of International Studies.



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SPAN-201M, SPAN-240M

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