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MGMT 314 International Business

What the devil is a derivative? What the heck is a hedge fund? Why should I care about the demon dollar and the petty pound? What on earth are the PIIGS and BRICs? How do crooks and criminals launder money? Why is Singapore so rich and Haiti so poor? This course answers these questions, and many more, about how businesses operate in the global economic environment. We will take an applied approach to studying the interplay between the following topics and multinational corporations, with an emphasis on international finance: fiscal, monetary, trade, and foreign exchange policy; foreign investment; international development; business-government-society relations; international crime and corruption; globalization; and country crises. Relyin heavily on case studies, in-class exercises, and real-life examples, we will examine the complex but essential relationships between government policies and business, nongovernmental organizations, and diverse populations- thus preparing us for the challenges and opportunitie of operating a business in our global economy.




Required MGMT-260, ACCT-110 or MGMT-110, and ECON-100 or ECON-101

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