Student Email Policy

The purpose of Northern Essex Community College’s student e-mail system is to provide e-mail services to students enrolled in credit courses at NECC. This type of service allows the student to conduct collaborative work efforts and share information with students, faculty, and other individuals regardless of time and/or geographic boundaries. Every e-mail message sent from an NECC College account carries the NECC name ( or, and all communications should reflect that.

The format of an NECC Student Email address is:

This service is provided to the students of Northern Essex Community College. Accounts are for individual use only, and are not transferable or to be used by any other individual.

All official correspondence conducted via email will be sent to the college provided student email account. Your student email account may be used at times for distribution of pertinent college or campus announcements. For these reasons, all students issued accounts are expected to use, and maintain their own individual e-mail account.

Students using the NECC email system do so as set forth by the NECC College Policies.

Issuance of Accounts

All students enrolled in a credit course has an email account created automatically.

Students will be provided information concerning their account and their default password. Students are required to change their password.

Expiration of Accounts

Accounts of non-returning or unregistered students will be deleted. A non-returning or unregistered student is defined as a student who has not been enrolled for 2 consecutive semesters not including the summer semester.

Expired accounts will be deleted at the beginning of the 3rd week of the current spring or fall semester. Deletion of expired accounts is irreversible and will delete all email and files stored under this account.

Password Administration

The student is responsible for the email account security and must change this password immediately. Should need arise to regenerate accounts, or the student forgets their password, the default password will be used to reset the password on the account. Passwords must be changed every term.

Use of Personal Mailing Lists

Students may create and maintain their own private and personal mailing lists. The individual creating and maintaining the list is responsible to ensure that members of the list agree to participate in the list. Upon request, the list maintainer must remove any individual from the list. Any correspondence to these personal lists should adhere to the acceptable use policy.

Prohibited Uses

The NECC Mail systems are not to be used for the following:

  • Personal gain (Financial or otherwise to make a profit.)
  • Chain letters (e.g., any communication which requests or demands the recipient forward the message to one or more individuals )
  • Solicitations for contributions for non-college sponsored entities.
  • “Get rich quick” or “pyramid schemes”
  • Deliberate acts associated with denying, interfering with, or disrupting networking or email service of the NECC Campus or that of any other agency.
  • Attempts to perform mass mailings to the entire college (or a large subset of the college), or other agency of a non-official nature.
  • Any unlawful activity.

No one shall deliberately alter or attempt to conceal their true return email address, or the origination location of the message. No one shall deliberately set forth to interfere with the reception of e-mail by an individual. No one shall deliberately set forth to intercept or receive, and/or view another individual’s e-mail without that user’s consent. Only authorized individuals of the NECC staff may at any time view a student’s email if that student is suspected of a violation of this email policy or the college computing policy. Routine checks of server logs or high account activity that may raise suspicion can be considered grounds to review a student’s email.

E-mail services are not to be used for any type of harassment of an individual or organization. If you feel as though you are receiving e-mail of this nature, report any and all occurrences to the IT Service Desk at (978) 556-3111 or Users will need to keep both printed and electronic copies of the harassing e-mail.

Failure to comply with the above restrictions will result in account suspension and may result in disciplinary action as set forth in the Student Handbook or legal action pending a review of the incident(s).

Liability for Misuse and Viruses

The NECC email system incorporates a virus scanning system and spam filter to help protect students from email propagated viruses and excessive junk-mail. NECC takes a best-effort approach to ensure that students will not be affected by viruses in their provided email accounts. NECC does not; however, take responsibility for any data corruption, destruction of electronics, loss, or any other liability for the use of a students email account resulting from an email virus or activity of a student account.

Account Limitations

Each student account created by NECC is subject to the following account limitations.

  • Each account has a mailbox limit of ten (10) Gigabytes of data.
  • HTTPS access only
  • Mobile device synchronization

It is the students’ sole responsibility to be aware of these limits and control the amount of data in their respective mailboxes according to the above storage limitations. Lost emails, assignments, attachments or files are not the responsibility of the NECC Information Technology Departments.

Disaster Recovery/Maintenance

NECC student email is hosted by Microsoft through their Office 365 for Education program. Email or files lost due to student error cannot be restored. Students are therefore encouraged to either have a hard copy or other medium to store important email messages, files or other information from their mailboxes. NECC will make best effort to inform the users of any Microsoft maintenance of the effected services whenever possible.