Dental Assistant

Program Manager:

Tonja Bowcut


(208) 732-6708


Focus Area Advisor:

Erin Nunnelley or Matt Martinez


(208) 732-6730

Email: or

Program Overview:

The Dental Assistant Program curriculum offers courses for the skilled person to enter into the health care environment as an assistant in the dental office. The student is encouraged to obtain advising from faculty to ensure that the proper courses are completed prior to registration or transfer to other health programs. Additional information and current application requirements (including deadlines) can be found at: You must be a high school graduate or have completed the GED/HSE before applying to this program

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Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Dental Assistant program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a dental assistant including but not limited to collecting diagnostic data, infection control, radiographic procedures, restorative procedures, and laboratory procedures.
  2. Understand the ethical and legal parameters of the clinical practice and perform duties within these parameters.
  3. Utilize critical thinking skills and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with team members and patients while staying I compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  4. Demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with a dental office including prioritizing, organizing and time management skills.
  5. Prepare for successful completion of Dental Assisting National Board Exams.

Course Performance Requirements:

To promote success on the certification/licensure examination(s), all Required Courses must be passed with a grade of C or better.

Program Requirements for Admission:

Program Application Required

Career Information:

Dental Assistants