Administrative Assistant, Basic Technical Certificate

Program Outcomes

Demonstrate competencies in dealing with technology based on the Microsoft Business Certification Application Specialist.

Demonstrate the ability to apply computational and accounting skills and use a variety of techniques to solve problems correctly. a. Recognize and develop basic standards of professional conduct and will learn they have responsibilities to themselves, their peers and their customers. b. Express their ideas in oral and written messages that are 77.6% coherent, persuasive and grammatically correct.

Major Code: 4338V

**Alternative plans of study available by contacting your advisor

Fall Semester Freshman Year

ACCB 129Introduction to Bookkeeping*

3 Credits

ACCB 129LIntroduction to Bookkeeping Lab*

1 Credit

ADMN 100Mechanics of Business Writing

3 Credits

ADMN 110Business Financial Applications

3 Credits

BUSA 215Information Science and Data Management

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:13

Spring Semester Freshman Year

ACCB 130Principles of Bookkeeping I*

3 Credits

ADMN 116Spreadsheet Applications*

3 Credits

ADMN 142Business Document Processing

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:9

*Prerequisite or corequisite required.

Total Credit Hours: 22