Student Affairs


The Student Affairs departments, located primarily in the McCain Student Center and Hendren Hall, provide a variety of services and resources for students. Among those offered are career counseling, internship and off-campus experience placement, student health services, student activities, personal counseling, learning support, disability services, faith support, minority and international student support, housing, leadership development, outdoor adventure, and campus safety.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students are held responsible for understanding the academic policies, procedures, and graduation requirements as published in this catalog. Students are also held responsible for understanding and adhering to the community behavior expectations as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Student Honor Code

  1. The Code:

    The College of Idaho is a community of integrity; therefore, we, the students, seek to promulgate a community in which integrity is valued, expected, and practiced. We are honor bound to refrain from cheating, stealing, or lying about College-related business. We are obligated to examine our own actions in light of their effect on the community, and we are responsible to address any violations of these community standards.

  2. The Pledge:

    All course work submitted for evaluation is pledged with the student's signature:

    I pledge that this work was completed with academic integrity.

  3. Revision:

    Any changes to the Academic Honor Code must be approved by a student referendum.