Welding Technology, Associate of Applied Science

Program Outcomes:

Major Code: 4661A

**Alternative plans of study available by contacting your advisor

Fall Semester Freshman Year

MATH GEAny Gen. Ed. Math Course

3 Credits

ALLH 131First Aid & CPR

1 Credit

WELD 107Safety and Leadership*

2 Credits

WELD 132Thermal Cutting Process

2 Credits

WELD 149Blueprint Reading for Welders

2 Credits

WELD 151Welding Theory

2 Credits

WELD 154SMAW Practical

4 Credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Spring Semester Freshman Year

ENGL 101Writing and Rhetoric I

3 Credits

WELD 150Intermediate Blueprint Reading*

2 Credits


4 Credits


4 Credits

Total Credit Hours:13

Summer Semester Freshman Year

SOCS GEAny Gen. Ed. Social and Behavioral Way of Knowing Course

3 Credits


WELD 285Cooperative Education*

1-6 Credits



3 Credits


WELD 237GTAW Project Application*

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:9.00

Fall Semester Sophomore Year

DRAT 103Intro to Construction Drawings in AutoCAD*

2 credits

WELD 238Pipe Welding*

5 Credits

WELD 240Sanitary Welding

5 Credtis

Total Credit Hours:12

Spring Semester Sophomore Year

COMM GEAny Gen. Ed Oral Comm. Course

3 Credits

ELEC GEAny additional Gen. Ed.

3 Credits

WELD 239Structural Steel Welding*

5 Credits

WELD 280Project Capstone

3 Credits

Total Credit Hours:14

Total Credit Hours: 64