Basic Commercial Fisherman BCF1, Technical Certificate of Credit

Program Description

The Basic Commercial Fisherman Certificate is for those wanting to begin a career in commercial fishing, covering essential subjects that ill better prepare participants to serve as a crew member aboard a commercial fishing vessel in the region Commercial fishermen in Georgia using a variety of gear including trawls, cast nets, hook and line and traps to catch fish, shrimp, crab and other marine life that will be consumed by humans or used as animal feed or bait.  Commercial fishing has a long rich history along Georgia's coast and despite many challenges the industry has faced in recent decades, it remains an economically and culturally important component of several coastal communities.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Required Age N/A
High School Diploma or GED Required Yes
Placement Scores for Regular Admission (Next Gen Accuplacer) English Reading Math Algebra
222 218
223 N/A


McIntosh County Academy (Dual Enrollment Only)


Required Courses:

FISH 1001Basic Health & Safety in Commercial Fishing


FISH 1002Seamanship and Watchkeeping


FISH 1003Basic Commercial Fishing Practices


FISH 1004Introduction to Fisheries Science and Management


Total Credit Hours: 12